You may not be aware but how we sleep greatly affects the way we feel. The better we sleep the better we feel and the faster we get results!

Here are 5 Tips for Improving Sleep. Follow them daily and notice the improvement in how you feel instantly

1/ Reduce caffeine and caffeine timing

This is tip number 1 as it is the easiest step to implement. As we all know caffeine gives us energy! Even though we may feel like we can fall asleep at night, the effects of coffee and other caffeinated drinks like fizzy drinks or pre workout shakes, last much longer. Even though we may feel ‘tired’ and fall asleep the brain is not resting completely and is still active. The result is a restless sleep and leaves us waking up feeling tired. Stick to no more than 2-3 caffeinated drinks per day and stop all by. By following this recommendation, you will improve sleep at night by allowing the mind to completely wind down and increase focus the following day – creating a positive circle.

2/ Avoid Blue light pre bed

Blue lights means screen time; laptops, desktop computers and mobile phones. Being exposed to Blue light may deplete the body’s natural melatonin which is the hormone in the brain that lets your body know when it’s time to sleep. Improve your sleep by avoiding your phone & computer and start to wind down 1-2 hours before going to bed.

3/ Take magnesium supplements with dinner

Take magnesium to relax the muscles and help the process of regulating neurotransmitters. This process ultimately assists in calming the nervous system and helps you fall asleep. Magnesium is an essential mineral the human body require large quantities of to function at our full potential

4/ Increase Gaba to relax the mind

Gaba is a neurotransmitter in the brain that allows us to wind down and also keep the mind relaxed when we’re sleeping.
Choose seafood as your dinner protein as it is easy to digest pre bed and also naturally contains taurine. Taurine stimulates the brain to make its own adequate levels of Gaba. You may also take a Taurine supplement to increase Gaba production in the brain.

5/ Eat a serve of gluten free carbs pre bed

Eating a healthy serve of carbs with the meal before bed will increase the neurotransmitter serotonin while we sleep, promoting a deeper more peaceful sleep. The deeper we sleep the more natural growth hormone we make allowing us to wake up feeling recovered. An added benefit is the increased growth hormone production also burn more body fat.
Why Gluten free? Because the gluten can cause irritation in the digestive system. Serotonin, even though it’s a neurotransmitter and effects the brain, is made in the stomach. If we upset our digestive system, we may disrupt the serotonin production.